The specific aims and objectives of Family Partnership programme

OVERALL AIM  To build cohesive family units that will empower families to become self-sustaining through meaningful social investment.

       To provide:

  • Various training/educational courses
  • Vocational mentoring
  • Family mentoring
  • School tutoring (after school activities to help further educate)
  • Legal support
  • Mentoring/helping with financial needs
  • Food parcels for families
  • School supplies/trips
  • Clothing
  • Christmas/Easter food and gift parcels


  • To improve family social skills
  • To support the family to integrate into society
  • To provide  employment opportunities
  • To provide material and financial support to meet the family objectives
  • To provide case workers providing 1:1 support
  • To work actively with parents encouraging them to take responsibility for the wellbeing of their children and family
  • To build links between staff and parents.


To educate children:

  • Mentoring in choosing their future school/ high-school/ job
  • Extra-curricular support e.g. after school clubs
  • Hygiene and sex education lessons
  • Social skills
  • Finding their talent and nurturing growth
  • To encourage children to pass on their learned skills to help others unable to help themselves.

To educate parents:

  • Vocational mentoring, support in finding and maintaining a job
  • Training courses for various specializations
  • To start or to continue studies
  • Spiritual support
  • Social and parenting development skills
  • Sex and hygiene education
  • Legal assistance in the relationship with local authorities/ other organizations/ police/ school/ employees
  • Ideas and financial support for small family business growth
  • Financial support for important and urgent needs
  • Financial education
  • Family mentoring
  • To encourage the adults to pass on their learned skills to help others unable to help themselves.
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