Way of Joy vanThe Way of Joy can transport up to 160 children per month on camp holidays in the countryside, visits out etc. In addition our team visits many of the families and children that we work with on a daily basis i.e. hospitalisation, or visits to family homes when children are too ill or incapable of reaching projects on foot. Often visits are made out of the Iasi district and it is imperative that the vehicles are maintained and fully operational.

The transport project is essential to allow projects to carry out their day to day work. Without it, none of the programmes can operate!

Project sponsorship covers the running costs of the vehicles throughout the year, including taxes, petrol and servicing.

  • Overall aim
    • To keep vehicles in a road worthy condition so that transport to projects can be carried out in safety.
  • Specific aim
    • To have transport available to carry children to and from projects
    • To provide transportation for visits to projects
    • Providing help with hospital visits
    • Provide temporary job(s)
    • To transport food parcels to families
  • Objectives
    • To enable over 160 young children to attend and enjoy a camp holiday in the countryside.
    • To facilitate the visiting of theatre, cinema and restaurants as part of the integration of children back into a society in which they have historically been rejected.
    • To provide assistance for the ill, who otherwise cannot get to hospital, care homes or medical care centres.
    • To facilitate the transportation of food to hand out to over 130 families per month in the city of Iasi and surrounding areas.
    • To provide safe transportation for visitors to all the projects in Iasi, Negresti, Dallas, plus airport transfers.
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