The Dignity Project – UK

Our new UK based project Dignity will be collaborating with Storehouse Foodbank in Trowbridge to provide much-needed white goods within the local community, with a view to building future partnerships with other local services in the future.

This is a great opportunity for us to make a difference at a local level; we feel passionate about this project and the difference that it will make to those individuals and families who, through no fault of their own,  find themselves without the means to purchase necessary white goods for the home.

We want to alleviate poverty and to restore hope to people and families in crisis; Storehouse is already working with these families and already has built relationships with, not only the families but also the referring agencies such as social care, probation, schools, etc. The families that we will be working with are already struggling in life; they are on very low incomes, some with no income at all and this is where we will get involved.

Without the facility to cook and store food, families are forced to eat less healthy alternatives, microwave-ready meals, take away, and prepacked sandwiches, etc; this is not only unhealthy but it is also an expensive way to eat adding to burden and stress that the family is already facing. Similarly, if the family cannot wash their clothes, children can often be forced to go to school in clothing that is unclean and possible smells; this ostracizes children and causes distress and even bulling.

Our role will be to provide essential white goods; fridges, freezers, electric cookers and washing machines. We all know what it’s like when an appliance breaks down and for these families, they have no way to replace these items without taking out loans which in turn puts them into debt,  that they then have no means to repay. This causes stress, even depression and we want to be able to be part of the solution for alleviating anxiety and mental well-being.

In keeping with our desire to support local communities and local businesses, we are excited to be collaborating with Paul Ranger from Household Economy in Newtown, Trowbridge who will be supplying the white goods.

This is an exciting project; it means that we can provide much-needed support to families in crisis without the need to incur extra storage and admin costs and we believe that this project will be a valuable part of the work that we do to help alleviate poverty and support local community here in the UK.

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