Development Projects

Our work involves communities that lack a wide range of resources. These include poor housing, food shortages, employment opportunities and inadequate resources to develop their agriculture.

Our development projects work closely with the community leaders to match their key needs with building challenges that are achievable for our many project teams.

We are well resourced with vehicles, tools and tested designs. Using structural engineers and our local construction engineer, we can plan and execute build projects that hugely impact our Romanian partners.

These Projects are of huge benefit to the UK teams who learn new skills, grow as a team and have their world view that is enriched and enlarged.

Teams are led by Jon Williams who has been working with local schools on the development programme which has now grown significantly and has become his major focus after 38 years of teaching.  Jon spends much of his time shaping, designing and delivering community developments that are achievable with our student or adult project teams.

We are a Christian Charity and the faith, dedication and energy shown by our Romanian Project Leaders is inspiring for those who are either inside or outside the faith community.

For more information on Student and Adult Development trips please click below:

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