An update on the Micro Farm

IMG_0613The Micro Farm project is progressing well and we are even now having babies, well not us, but two sows and the chickens!  Even our CEO couldn’t resist a little cuddle with the chicks!

Working with Emilion, the maintenance support worker, not only is the Micro Farm a big hit within the local community, but further afield too, we have not only been spreading seeds, but spreading the work to the Dallas area too.   For the families that will “buy into” the programme we are providing Seeds, Fruit Trees and fencing for areas to keep the pigs at bay.   This is enabling the people, who are often rejected by society, to learn, to have something that is their own that they can take care of, bringing a sense of belonging within their own little community.

We are delighted at the response we have had from these families and as you can see from the photos, progress is already being made in a short space of time.  We can’t wait to see the trees grow  and produce their fruits and hopefully some vegetables will be available for the families to use this summer.

Fotografie-0072 Fotografie-0050

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