Charity Christmas Single

We are very proud and very excited to present to you our very first single “Do you feel alright” by People Against Poverty band! This song has been written specifically for People Against Poverty with all the children that we work with in mind, and is released on The Village Pump label. All time and proceeds have been donated by all the local musicians involved.

It is written and performed by the very talented Chris Hoar, with Marcel Rose on lead guitar, David Moss on strings, Abi Leeder on vocals, Jeremy Rosier on keys and drums and Arthur Taylor on base guitar. Engineered by Jeremy Rosier, and produced and mastered by Jeremy Rosier with Arthur Taylor. To personalise the song even more if you listen towards the end and you will also hear CEO Val Huxley on backing vocals!

We are so grateful for all their hard work and ask you to please support them and us by downloading the song for just £1 or more if you prefer, it really isn’t a lot to give to make a huge difference in a childs life.  You can also order a CD for £2.00 or £10.00 for a signed copy by all the band.   We promise you won’t be disappointed and what’s more 100% of the proceeds will be coming to People against Poverty to enable us to continue with our work in relieving poverty.

Download the song on Bandcamp

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