Child Sponsorship – Kumar

It is less than a month until Kumar’s 16th birthday.  He’s a keen volleyball player so perhaps that’s what his parents will be giving him, his own volleyball, or perhaps he will receive a new sport shirt in yellow, his favourite colour.  Maybe if Kumar lived here in the UK he would be looking forward to birthday presents and even a party.  Unfortunately where Kumar lives, in Nepal, his father can barely meet the rent on the mud house they call home and he worries about them all being evicted.

Kumar is a young man at a critical age.  If he does not complete his education then he is destined, like his father, to go and labour in the fields and there is little chance he will break out of the poverty trap.  Kumar’s parents, like all parents, want more for their son.  It doesn’t seem a lot to want him to have a home with sanitation and electricity, a job and a family, their grandchildren, whom he can support and in turn put through school.  It doesn’t sound like a lot for any parent to want for their child but without someone stepping in right now and helping Kumar the chance of any of this happening is becoming less and less likely.  If you can help this young man take the next step in life please contact us today.

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