Project work

Here in the UK it is Harvest Festival season, and if you have children of school age you may have found yourself dashing to the supermarket last minute for that can of corned beef they forgot to tell you they needed.  Harvest is also very much on our minds here because of our new Agri Project in Romania.  With the continued success of Sanctuary Homes we have been working with the community to develop the next rung in the ladder that will lift them out of poverty and the use of land for cooperative market gardens, complete with polytunnels and irrigation is an exciting prospect.

A lack of food is something that a lot of people still find difficult to understand when talking about an EU country but the harsh fact is that the communities we work with in Romania face this reality every day.  Having the ability to grow their own food, giving themselves a level of security, knowing that children will not go hungry is an enormous step for those we work with.  This is not going to be an instant fix, the project has a number of components, the training of people on how to work the land and grow what they need, the construction of polytunnels and irrigations systems (following the successful blue print used with the schools we work with) and of course as any farmer will tell you there will be challenges laid down by nature that will need to be addressed.   Despite all this it is for all of us, especially our project team in Romania, an exciting next step and we look forward to sharing news of progress.

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