Receiving sponsorship through People against Poverty make a world of difference to the life a young person; in fact it gives them a future and a hope that they could not have imagined before they became part of our projects. As you will see from these stories, lives are being restored.

Esnart has always dreamed of working in Travel and Tourism; this dream is now one year closer to being a reality as she starts her second year of her Tourism and Travel course at Malawi Institute of Tourism.  Esnart said this, “Without your support People against poverty I wouldn’t have reached where I am”.






Noel  says that the support he receives through PaP has changed his outlook on life. He works hard in school and is doing well. He now dreams of becoming either a teacher or journalist and has said, “I look forward to a day when I will become independent and support my relatives.”






Rodrick  has seen huge improvements to his health due to the support he receives through PaP; Rodrick is self-motivated, cheerful and is grateful for his opportunity to be a part of PAP. His mother says that she has seen a tremendous positive change in his life. Rodrick’s home conditions have also improved greatly, they no longer struggle for food as with support from PAP they have produced their own food, which will last them longer.



As you can see, our children all have very different needs and dreams; the joy of the sponsorship programme is that all of them have been able to reach for their dreams and see great changes and a positive future ahead of them.

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