UK Schools Programme 2016 Begins

13775574_497343930455018_5188417291726101802_nWell as summer comes around again, so it sees our 2016 UK  Schools Programme begin again! Each year our Programme Leader Jon Williams works with 6  schools in the area, Jon leads and directs the programme and the teams of young people, supporting them in both their fundraising and during their trip to Romania. 

This year it has been Prior Park college who have kicked off the trips and they 13719615_1154159864606483_904400924937466875_oarrived home last week after spending 9 days in Romania and completing a large part of the building for the new Mill that we will have as part of the Micro Farm.  

As well as Prior Park we have also had 4 young men go out to Romania on a longer placement, after having previously been on a school trip. Harry, Will, Jake and Ben will spend almost a month at the project and are currently working on building a Farm House for the Micro Farm.

Currently out in Romania is St Laurence School, who are also working on the Micro Farm. Stonar School and Beechen Cliff will complete their trips in October.

We are incredibly proud of all of the young people who work so hard in all aspects of these trips, from the fundraising to their work on the ground and their positive can do attitudes. The work that they complete not only changes the lives of the people that we work with in Romania, but it is our hope that it is life changing for these young people too – and will give them important perspective as they move into adulthood.

To find out more about our UK Schools Programme click here, or if you are interested in becoming a Youth Ambassador please contact us.


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