We’ve got £10,000 up for grabs for a local community project!

We’re delighted to announce that we are launching a brand new UK-based project and are looking for the right project and project leader in which to invest £10,000 and get it off the ground!

It’s been widely reported that in the current economic and social climate poverty is a major issue for the UK as well as overseas.  As such, PaP has ring-fenced £10,000 to fund a brand new project which will benefit a community initiative based within the BA postcode.

Following our highly successful model to date of enabling communities themselves to identify the areas of greatest need, the project will be selected through a tender process. Individuals or groups are invited to submit their idea or project initially by completing an application form. The project may be pre-existing or new, but must meet the aims and objectives of the charity to tackle poverty.

PaP Chief Executive Officer, Val Huxley, commented: “Poverty has many guises; it’s not just about money, and the new project could tackle lack of social support, education, housing, childcare or something that we haven’t even considered! In addition to the funding, our vibrant business brand, Business against Poverty (BaP), will work to support the new project leader in his or her objectives. I’m very excited about this new development.”

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