COVID-19 raged rampant throughout the world, a frequenter on the news every hour of the day for two years, seemingly without discrimination. But now, with the worst hopefully behind us, is the true economic pain yet to come?

COVID-19 had unprecedented economic impact, with it originally being forecasted to only impact large global economies with a reduction of 2.9% of their GDP however just a few months later, in 2020, there was a 4.5% drop.

So, it is very clear that there is drastic economic impact of COVID-19, especially now, with a looming recession and forecasted inflation rates of up 18.6% in the UK. All of this amidst a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and oil and fuel prices reaching highs not really seen since 2008. Despite all the fiscal policies put in place to tackle the future economic hardship and perhaps try to pre-emptively dissipate the future damage, it is always those who are in most need of said policies that are worst affected by them.

This is why it is so imperative to help those who are in desperate need of not only in the UK, but all over the world. Targeted, specific help is needed to help those who need it is so important at every time but especially now, in extenuating circumstances. This is something that People Against Poverty recognise, each country in which People Against Poverty have a programme, there is specific aid provided to help each individual as much as possible.

Anusha Salhan

Youth Ambassdaor for People against Poverty

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