Families living in rural communities have difficulty accessing everyday facilities.  For them it’s not a case of “just popping to the shop for some milk”.  They live far away across hills and fields.  Children have to walk up to 7km each way to attend school.  Work is seldom found and families often cannot feed their children on a day to day basis.

The Agricultural Project is a long term project that will provide work for those who live in the community.  This will give them a reason to wake in the morning.  Costel, our project leader on the Micro Farm will be sharing his skills with Vasile as his mentor.  With everything that he has learned to run the Micro Farm, we know that Vasile will be in good hands!

We shall be initially supporting the infrastructure to enable polytunnels and chicken coops to be sited on the land.  This involves fencing the area off, ensuring a well is made deep enough to access water regularly.  Then we will concentrate on building polytunnels and planting, hopefully ready for the autumn period.

With the help from the community, their pay will be food – enough to feed their own families.   However, this is a long term project that will take time, money and resource to complete and become self sustaining.