Sponsoring a family through our Family partnership project is life changing. This is a story of hope and transormation; the family in this story is just one of the many poor families we have met and worked with over the years, this family really engaged with the family partnership programme and have been able to reintegrate into the community and seek a normal life.

Their story began in an abandoned garage where they lived together with three of their five children, this was an awful situation for them, they lived without heating or water  no sanitation and in very poor conditions.  Our Romanian team built a relationship with this family and initially provided practical support such as food supplies, but the most valuable gift to provide was, love, acceptance and hope for a brighter future. This relationship and financial support through our family partnership programme has enabled this family to deal with the difficulties that they have had to face because they are no longer alone. This gave them the strength and desire to believe that they could have a new life.

This family are now living in a two room apartment with normal living conditions; this has given the family not only a safe place to live but it has restored dignity and basic human rights.

The father had suffered with terrible pain and tooth decay due to poor diet and lack of money for dental treatment; the cost for this kind of treatment is high. However, through the Family partnership programme and the dedicated work of the team at the Way of Joy; we have been able to literally put a smile back on this fathers face by providing the much needed dental work.

Thank you to everyone involved in the Family Partnership programme because you are transforming lives.

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