Sponsor Testimonies

Adrian and Helen Brettell

Adrian and I have sponsored a child in Romania since 2007.  It is a great feeling to know that we are making a  difference to someone’s life through an organisation we know and trust.

We write regularly to our child and receive letters from her and updates on her progress and occasional photographs.  She has told us about her parents and brothers and sisters and we tell her about the things we are doing.  We feel that the £22 per month sent in sponsorship is money well spent when we can give a child an education and hope for the future.

Sue Jackson

I have been supporting People against poverty, and sponsoring children with them for at least 8 years.  I recently met the twins I  sponsor in Romania, on an awareness trip run by the charity in November 2013. I feel privileged to be a part of such a caring and well run organisation and to play a small part in helping those who otherwise have no support or hope in a country, that although making it’s way, has pockets of forgotten people.

The twins, as well as their communities and those of other communities in and around Iasi, are cared for as a whole. They receive food parcels and support as families from the people on the ground there. These groups who work and partner with People against poverty help these communities to  make a life for themselves and get themselves out of the poverty trap and have some hope for the future. The children are also given the chance to go to school and play and be like other children. They also receive at least 1 hot meal a week in a central place near to where they live and be together to receive care and attention, as well as to play safely with games and crafts. It is a good way to make sure the communities work together and help each other.

It is a fabulous charity and one that does amazing work, I am glad to help and be a part of this wonderful organisation and the see the twins grow up happy and healthy.


Rhoda Lloydbottom

I first met Val when she was on an exhibition  stand next to ours at Newark Showground.  She and Bill were there to find prospective sponsors.   For some time I had  been thinking about the needs of children in other countries. It was a timely meeting and when I looked at the details of some of the children, it did not take me long to decide which one to sponsor.  One of the things I love about People against Poverty  is that some of the money goes to help the family as well as the child.  It is not a large amount that I give when I consider what monies I spend on other things from day to day which bring me a very blessed life.  I am constantly blessed by the feedback I get from People against Poverty regarding the child I am sponsoring and also details of other activities the charity is involved in.  So if you are able, please join in and bless your life as well as a child who has nothing.

Nik Read

Sponsoring a child with People against Poverty has been a wonderful thing for our family, for a number of reasons: It’s allowed our children to become more aware of those less fortunate than themselves, it’s given us a reason and a focus to become more aware of other countries (specifically Romania), it’s been so lovely to get updates from our child and to be able to pray for him, but most of all it’s been wonderful to know that we are making a difference. It’s often said that it’s in giving that we receive and this is something that’s been proven time and time again. We feel our child has given us every bit as much as we’ve given him. Go for it, you won’t regret it.

Chris May – Mayden

Chris MayWe have been delighted to sponsor a child through People Against Poverty for the last two years. We were particular pleased that Elisa has aspirations to be an IT consultant which aligns well with our business and we hope to be able to support her in this ambition

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