Partner with Family

Through Family Partnership we aim to help build family units that can become completely self-sustaining through our ongoing investment in them. We help by supporting their survival with healthy food, housing support, educating them in social skills so they can integrate with society, by providing training courses that will eventually lead them to be able to find a paid job; this in turn will allow their children to either start or continue with an education. In short, we aim to help the whole family to develop as a social productive unit safe from disease , hunger and deprivation integrating them into society enjoying their basic human rights of existence.

Please watch this video to get more of a feel for what Family Partnership is about:

Our objectives, through relationships with one to one case workers, are to educate the children by finding their talent and then nurturing its growth by giving extracurricular support through after school clubs, as well as providing lessons in hygiene, sex education and social skills. For the adults we will provide training courses which help them to develop their social and parenting skills, we support them in their search for a sustainable form of employment, which in turn will help everyone in the family. But our biggest goal, for both adults and children, is to encourage them to pass on their learned skills to help others who are unable to help themselves.

The ultimate aim of the programme is to build family units that will make a meaningful contribution to society. If nobody believes in these people, how can we expect them to believe in themselves and that’s what family partnerships aims to do. It partners people with families who are less fortunate than themselves, to make a tangible, ongoing difference to lives.


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