Family Sponsor Testimonies

Chloe Luscombe

I’ve had the joy of meeting the family I sponsor twice and in that time I have built a friendship with them, for me┬áit’s a lot more than just a monthly standing order. In the space of 7 months I’ve seen great differences that my support as well as the hard work of our team is making to this family. The family wants to change their own lives and my partnership can promote that change. Already we are seeing the impact of long term support which will eventually work towards self-sustainability. I receive updates from my family and the team on the ground and I know exactly where my donation is going and how it is going to be used. Partnering with this family has been such a huge blessing for them and also for me, life is so busy, it’s easy to get wrapped up and put things to the side. But my monthly partnership reminds me to love, to share and to be kind.

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