Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2000

Country: Haiti

Sadly Nathalie was abandoned and came to Notre Maison when she was just 17 months old. There is no record of her family. Nathalie has been given the same surname as the rest of the abandoned children taken in by Gertrude, which is Espior. The name means Hope in French, This enables her to be registered with social services and gain a birth certificate. Nathalie has Cerebral Palsy and learning disabilities, Nathalie does not allow her disabilities to hold her back. Nathalie is a very happy  girl who loves having company and interacting with others. Nathalie has a great sense of right and wrong and a wonderful sense of humour, loves playing “tricks” on others! Nathalie enjoys good health and likes eating healthily.

For just £25 per month, you can support Nathalie which will enable her to receive the care and love that St Josephs offer her.

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