‘It is important in these tough times that we should all keep well, but at the same time think and support the millions of people out there that are much worse off than us’, asserted Prahlad Kutty, one of the 14 people that volunteered to help raise awareness for People Against Poverty’s vocational training scheme in Malawi.

I came home one day to a leaflet on my doorstep. Although it was just an advertisement, that was a lightbulb moment. ‘Why don’t I deliver leaflets to people’s houses and raise awareness of People Against Poverty’s projects?’, I pondered. To try and expand the reach of the initiative, I put out a request for help on social media and received a humbling response. My expectations were low, but over 14 people were willing to sacrifice hours of their time to help those who are suffering around the world.

In due course, I send out leaflets that I had designed, hoping that we would cumulatively visit around 100 houses. A week later, numbers started rolling in from each volunteer. 27. 25. 30. One was especially impressive – Aarye Goyal managed to visit a fantastic 50 houses! In total, when all the dust had settled, the team had visited 250 households, reaching over 600 people.

‘It was so inspiring’, Zayn Aziz said, while Aarye was awed by the charity which ‘makes such a meaningful difference to families around the world’. ‘We have a massive responsibility to give to others less fortunate than we are’, asserted Kaushik Sankar, and he is right. Hopefully, this project made a small difference in helping those struggling families in Malawi who were immiserated by coronavirus.

Full list of volunteers: Marios Spanos, Prahlad Kutty, Aran Bansal, Prathamesh Paravathuraj, Arush Bansal, Rahul Ghosh, Josh Bobin, Kaushik Sankar, Navdeep Juttla, Tushar Singla, Zayn Aziz, Pranav Gajula, Varun Mohan, Aarye Goyal, and me, Advait Kuravi.

Advait Kuravi – People against Poverty Youth Ambassador

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