Child Sponsorship does more than just provide a lifeline for children and young people; it also helps they break the cycle of poverty by investing in their education. Some are lucky enough to go on into higher education and Roshan from Nepal is one of these young  people. Despite struggling to make ends meet Roshan is doing really well and his work was recently selected as an ideal paper to use for future lessons.

Currently studying at a University in the US, we began working with Roshan many years ago. Though still part of the scheme, his Sponsorship in no way cover his living costs, so Roshan also works as well as studying. However, it was the support of his sponsor that allowed him to complete his Primary and Secondary education and reach where he is today!

Take read of the insightful and sensitive letter to a survivor of the Japanese Internment that took place in the US in the 1940’s, that has won Roshan praise from his university:

Dear Dr. Kobayashi,

I’m writing to thank you for sharing your experiences with our class at B H Community College.

I really admire your courage to go around and share your experiences with other people especially when it’s a challenge for you emotionally. The things that you talked about in the presentation was really powerful. I am originally from Nepal and as a foreign student in the States, I have witnessed and experienced various encounters involving ‘racism’. I have been called out several times for being an ‘outsider’. When I heard your presentation and heard you saying all the good things about the United States and the people here, I realized how hard it would be for me to do so if I had gone through what you went through. Meeting you in person and hearing the things that you said has actually touched me and taught me how one can put aside all the differences and see only the positive in people. You probably hear this a lot but I am truly sorry for what you and all the other people in the internment camps had to go through. I can only imagine what it was like being there and experiencing things on that level. People tend to just judge a person off of the first impression that they get from them, and unfortunately I was one of those people. But after listening to your presentation and meeting you in person I have decided not to do that ever. I do envy your energy at your age (please take that as a compliment) and I hope I get to lead a long and happy life like yours whilst spreading positivity like you are doing. I appreciate you giving us your time and coming to our class to share your experiences and your positive thoughts. It sure did touch me.

Thank you again…


Roshan Pokharel
BH Community College

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