2017 has been an incredibly rewarding year for our work in Romania, which has continued to grow in momentum. The support from yourself and others like you, has continued to allow us to focus on both the immediate needs of communities, whilst also developing a longer term strategy.

We aim to give those we work with all the: tools, support and education they need now, so that they have all they need to support themselves, their families and communities in the future. Hugely important work to break the cycle of poverty we see across the communities we work in.



Each of the five working groups, whether adults or students, were hugely positive about their experience and the value of the work they engaged in. The elements that have a significant impact with the volunteers are not only understanding the life changing impact of the work they have completed, but also the interaction they have with the strong, spiritual role models that oversee the work in Romania. This gives an insight into the work of changing lives and communities. We see that this has a deep impact as it forces volunteers to open their hearts and minds and reconsider negative impressions that they had previously formed




We were able to purchase ALL the machinery, training and licenses needed to allow the farm to cover most of it’s cost which increases the prosperity and therefore hope for those in the village.


Now we are supporting whole communities and not just individuals.

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