Dear all,

Thank you very much for your prayer and help which is really helpful for helpless children here in Nepal.

Because of covid 19, even rich people have became poor, job holders have lost their jobs, wealthy people have lost their life unfortunately their wealth did not save their life.  This is the reality of present world we all find ourselves in.

It is so difficult as it is in every country but some are so much worse off than others; you can imagine for a poor country like Nepal with its poor people, and all the orphaned and abandoned children of poor parents. It is not good to say anymore than this because everybody is now experiencing the same pandemic and it has made us the same around the world.  It is so hard to help people in this situation.



But I would like to thank you; all the sponsors of our children, Val and her team, and People against Poverty for their regular prayer and financial help.  Even during the pandemic, People against Poverty supported our children and so much more through their generous donations to us.   We would especially like to thank Alistair Paige who visited us from England to meet his sponsored child just before Covid – it was a pleasure to meet one of children’s sponsors and bring the two together.  It was a special time for us all.

For so long, the children cannot still attend school.  Schools are teaching throughout online. But because our children are so poor, none of them have internet access or even a computer or laptop to work on one.  So they and their parents

are struggling hand and to mouth.


Please pray more for Nepal and also for poor children and their parents.

Thank you so much. May God Bless You.
Krishna and Sita,  Nepal.

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