We already know how powerful Child Sponsorship can be, but sometimes we hear some news that really brings it home to us! Pictured left is a little boy called Gregory, who lives at Notre Maison in Haiti.    

Before and After!

When Gregory first arrived he was malnourished and could neither talk nor walk. He sat in a little plastic chair observing the other children.  If you made eye contact with him, he would hold up his little arms to be held. 

Thanks to the good nutrition and loving care provided at Notre Maison, which is only possible thanks to Gregory’s sponsorship through PaP, he is now walking, talking, out of diapers, and attending pre-school!  He loves taking part in all activities:  listening to books being read, doing puzzles, playing games, attending church, and even learning to ride a tricycle! 

As you can see from the before and after photos, which were only taken 1 year apart, Gregory’s transformation has been astounding and he continues to go from strength to strength. Thank you to his sponsor, and all sponsors for giving this beautiful little boy a new beginning. Can you give another child the chance that little Gregory has had? For less than 73p a day you could provide a child with the basics in life to thrive. Find out more about Child Sponsorship here.

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