Our two  PaP defenders are ready to be used for our Adult Development programmes! Complete with personalised PaP number plates, they have been taxed, serviced and oiled and are ready to be used on our Adult Development Programmes.  The Programmes began on the 22nd of May  consist of UK teams flying over to assist  in the building of useful structures.

Our Adult development programmes aim to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel, meet new people and gain a new perspective on life. Here in the UK it is easy to take everyday luxuries like shelter or running water for granted. For many living in Romania however, something as simple as a hot meal is not guaranteed. The work carried out by our UK teams changes according to the needs of the community they are helping, however, in past projects have included building structures like houses, polymer tunnels and barns.

The teams are led by Jon Williams, our Student/Adult Development Director. Jon spent 38 years of his life teaching, and now works designing and delivering community development projects. Talking about the experience of building a home for a destitute family, Jon said that you “come away with a tremendous sense of satisfaction. You’re getting away from your own life for a while whilst making a difference to someone else’s.” Our Romanian partnership is with Project leader is Atilla Toth, a pastor who works mainly with gypsy communities and who is building an orphanage.  Work began last summer on our second Micro Farm and the work being constructed this year will be the huge barn.  Our long-term aim is to reach a place where Atilla can carry out his work without the necessity of outside aid.






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