Kara Maylor is the wife of our co-chair Harvey Maylor and who set herself many years ago the challenge that when she reached 50 she would do an Ironman.  She wanted to raise money for our charity and set herself the target of £3,000.  Her fundraising went beyond and we know why.

Here is Kara’s account of her Iron Distance Event.

So the day before was here after years in the planning the ‘Ultimate’ challenge for my 50th. Picked up my number from the registration tent- the buzz of anticipation and tension was overwhelming- I grabbed my stuff ran out and burst into tears…. could I really do this? I honestly wasn’t sure so kept repeating one of my favourite bible verses ‘ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ Phil 4 v13. Still felt petrified but a bit calmer! Had a great support team with me; my fantastic husband Harvey and a gang of family and friends who distracted me well and were all very reassuring!  

So here I am just before the start on the 2nd June 2019 at 6.30 am now just feeling so determined.  The swim was fantastic the lake was beautiful and as we went round for our 4th and final lap the sun was shining and I felt so thankful for this opportunity.

So came out of the swim very happy as knew I had been strong- now for the bike- 112 miles in 4 laps- just take it lap by lap- it is a great course not too hilly not too busy just go 28 miles at a time was what was going round my head. It was a great course and as always my support crew were there cheering me on but there was a horrendous head wind the whole time- I would start the next lap thinking surely it will die off this time but no it continued along with rain, hail , snow…. no only kidding it wasn’t that bad we did get some sunshine! So this photo is me about 86 miles I think and Harvey and my support were at the side of the road encouraging me – felt good on my bike and knew I was keeping up a decent speed despite the wind so was so happy when I came into transition off the bike at 7 hours 5 minutes- a definite record for me over 112 miles!

So now just the marathon to go and I really felt grateful that though tired I was now going to do this thing…. knowing how many people had sponsored me really spurred me on and I was determined to finish before it got dark! The run course was a 6 lap cross country round the lake and was very scenic however you know that feeling when your head wants you to get a wiggle on with something but your body won’t obey- I was learning the meaning of ‘ the Ironman shuffle’ – there was great camaraderie amongst everyone taking part as we all had our names on our numbers so would encourage each other as we came alongside others. There were ‘feed stations’ every lap where you could take on Energy bars and drinks and snacks but after so much of this stuff on the bike ride my stomach was complaining even at water so I just kept thinking oh I will be fine only 10 miles to go and I will be done and can feast! That was a bad mistake- about 5 miles from the end my body ran out of fuel I went dizzy and had to plonk myself on the ground whilst I fainted! Came round feeling very light headed but determined to just get up and get on- no way was I stopping now…. but of course one of the marshalls has called the paramedics and they tried to make me get in the car- can you imagine! I shuffled off despite their protests so they went and brought Harvey to me on the course who had found a Doctor in the crowd and made me stop to get checked out before coming a doing the last few miles with me.

To get over the finish line was exhilarating and emotional. Something I had said I would do years ago for my 50th( when that seemed a long way off) had finally happened! But it really has been a team effort so huge thanks go to Harvey for all his love, support bike mechanic skills, giving up his precious holiday time to tow the caravan half way across the country following me, my four fantastic children who have also had to put up with me being slightly distracted at times with my training, my extended family and wonderful friends- especially ‘ the lovelies’ Debs, Helen, Sue and Julie who were there throughout my training and there on the day. My bike club and swimming club friends have supported me through it all. And of course thank God for all the money we have raised (over £3k) through this endeavour- the generosity of people has been overwhelming. So a job well done.  Thank you God x


We think a very well deserved earned rest.  Congratulations Kara on your magnificent achievement and for raising so much money for our work – we think you are an AMAZING (probably mad) WOMAN!

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