The sun shone as a team of 10 and their supporters drove in the beautiful countryside of Wells towards Wookey Hole – There to greet the team was the man that was going to teach them all to abseil down Split Rock!


Two of those within the team were our very own CEO Val Huxley and Office Manager Jill Neighbour.   The team consisted of friends of the charity and friends/family of friends. It was a great mix of people and all brought along their own supporters to urge them on. The atmosphere was a great one and especially when the sun came out at the point of the climb to the top of Split Rock.

Jill had experienced an abseil almost 15 years ago but was very confident that she would be happy doing it again.  Val had never done one but also suffers from Vertigo.  Not that she is afraid of heights, just that standing on an open edge makes her giddy and then feel very sick.  But determined they were – because after all, they were raising funds for their project work in relieving poverty.

After the strenuous walk up Split Rock, the team patiently listened as instructions were given.  There were so many things to remember – keep your hands on your right leg at all times – let the rope flow through – don’t let your hand go near the metal rings – walk on heels – twinkly toes mean slippery toes!! (Didn’t take that one on board much).

Charlotte was the first go and it seems in seconds that no longer was she going over the edge then she was down at the bottom.  It was so smooth for her and she loved it.  Being met at the bottom by her dog.

Then it was the turn of Val  (she wanted to get it done and over with).  After a little crying session at the top of the cliff, she climbed her way Down she goesdown and bravely ventured down the cliff.  What the others at the top didn’t realise was that she was panicking on the way down and had to stop to catch her breath – but she made it to the bottom, almost toppling over as her legs gave way.  We think she’s very brave, Val says she will never do anything like it again!

One by one the team followed until the last one to abseil was Jill who decided to have a few little photographs along the way 🙂

The event was a wonderful team experience and we would like to thank Claire Anello, Claire Chamberlain, Jane Desmond, Ruth Browning, Dave Bryant, Charlotte Hurd, Hannah Pickford and Bernice Taylor all of whom contributed to raising nearly £4k for the charity.  We would also like to thank the friends and families that joined us on the day to encourage their loved ones.  You were all amazing.

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