What we do

We are a movement, part of a global community of like-minded people and organisations that share a passion to alleviate poverty and suffering around the world. People against Poverty identify and help develop projects and then provide ongoing support to our project partners, who display total commitment to alleviating poverty and suffering in their communities.

How do we do that?

By forming communities of individuals, like you,  who share the same passion; businesses who care about communities and social impact (Business against Poverty), Churches and young people through our Youth Ambassador scheme. Then we invest in exciting projects that are designed to empower greater self-sufficiency, new hope and a more sustainable future – a handshake, not a hand out.

United Kingdom

Discover The Dignity Project, supporting local families facing crisis.


Discover the various projects, in various communities that are literally changing lives.


Helping children receive regular nutritious food, access to education and medical care.


You can help us bring hope to a Nepalese child by supporting their education through sponsorship


Working with the local hospital suppporting their orphaned child programme.  


Providing a loving home environment for abandoned and orphaned children, living in poverty.


Help us bring hope by sponsoring and helping to give a child the gift of hearing.

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No one should feel guilty for being able to feed their family, but we can appreciate how lucky we are to have that privelage. If you're grateful and would like to help others less fortunate, please read https://lght.ly/9hlbnaj and donate. Thank you! #family #grateful #feedachild

Learn how to improve the mental health and availability of the workplace.

Register here: https://lght.ly/d2ikki8

#mentalhealth #movementforchange

Young people are traumatised, the nation is traumatised, the world is traumatised - what can businesses do about it?

Find out more! Register here: https://lght.ly/22j02cl

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Life is just about to change for these 8 young adults who have lived in poverty for most of their lives https://peopleagainstpoverty.com/meet-our-eight-new-tailoring-trainees/

Ageing nation, Finance, Education, job insecurity are just some of the key issues of labour supply, mental health and poverty. Want ot know more?

Join us for our free webinar. Register here: https://lght.ly/hmic48n

#mentalhealth #movementforchange

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