India has the largest number of working children who are not receiving any education. There is a history of landless workers, poor farmers and bonded labourers. Child shepherds (cattle grazing boys and girls) are children of agricultural labourers who are economically deprived and disadvantaged families who have no other means of earning to maintain their families needs other than by their daily work for which they are paid on a daily basis. These people and their children face many problems when there is no work.

We have partnered with Haven Home since 2006, supporting it as it provides a safe environment for orphaned and abandoned children to live, be schooled and cared for in by the team and their staff.

Our work also extends to the local areas where we support villages with Borewells; providing fresh clean water for the community to use.

If you would like to bring hope to a child in need in India, please consider sponsoring a child.

Our Projects in India

Child sponsorship – Haven Home India

Haven Home is exactly that! A haven for a young child to live, learn and love others. The children at


Children die of the most awful diseases due to drinking contaminated dirty water. By supporting the borewell project we are