All in the best possible taste of course.

Jerry Walsingham, owner of Mailboxes Etc and a Business against Poverty Silver member collects money by “fining” customers in the nicest possible way.  As an organisation which provides mailboxes for business and individuals, sometimes people ‘regularly’ forget their mailbox keys or even forget to collect packages within a reasonable period of time.  It’s when Jerry’s ‘fine box’ appears.  Jerry states:  “There are also the occasional acts of kindness where people feel they would like to pay for something which we have given them E.g. leaflets for a top client promoting her out of work activities as a swimming teacher; where I don’t charge them and they are insistent they want to pay something; we simply ask them to make a donation to the charity.  Another giver is a local designer who uses our guillotine occasionally and also makes a donation as payment.  We have a 3ft tube on the shop floor for the purpose, which also gets random donations of loose change.

So when we heard about John, the homeless person in Romania whom People against Poverty picked up and gave him a home on the Micro Farm and who needed urgent medical funds to cover him for 3 months of treatment we simply responded to that call”.

It is with acts of kindness like this that help our projects run and ensure that we are reaching the people at the time when they need it the most. If you would like to support our work you can make a donation here







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