IMG_5128The Micro Farm in Romania continues to grow from strength to strength and through the winter we have seen how preserved foods and poly-tunnels have allowed the farm to be productive and feed the community all year round! The animals are doing well (in fact you will read below about our new additions) and the people in the village are able to farm them so that they have a constant supply of meat for the canteen which feeds the community. 

Towards the end of last year  a significant donation was made for us to purchase and install a grinding machine for the Mill. This has had a IMG_5133 (1)huge impact on the community and the surrounding areas.  Whereas before people would have had to travel to the next town, which of course costs money that most do not have, it is now on their doorstep. Just for its own production, the Micro Farm itself mills around 3.000 – 5.000 kg of grain per year which is enough to feed all the animals on the farm. The small fee charged to the community to use the Mill ensures that we cover any running costs and have been able to pay a miller. People come daily to use it to mill cornflour and polenta, which is more commonly eaten than bread because it is cheaper. The Mill is also used for corn, which is also used as feed for animals and poultry.

Piglets Jan 17 2We also had the great news this month that the first litter of piglets have been born at the farm. They were earlier than expected but both mum and babies are doing well.  The team have been to the city to buy all the vitamins and medicine that the little piglets need to grow up strong and healthy. These pigs will be reared and eventually will be slaughtered meat that will feed the whole village for quite some time. Until then they will enjoy the best of care and plenty of natural time outside the sty rooting around at the Micro Farm.

Our next major appeal is to supply the farm with a tractor.  You can read more about this here

View our drone footage of the Micro Farm

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