Covid-19 implemented an unrelenting block on a global scale, leading to the promulgation of lockdown procedures. Despite the adversity being faced over the past year, it opened my eyes. It opened my eyes to the world beyond. From a child, I’d like to think I was a caring person however I’ve always wanted an avenue in which to channel this. I’ve always wanted something to work towards. That’s why in June 2020, I founded a non-profit organisation. The aim? To address education inequality. The importance of education cannot be exaggerated and with millions of children restrained to the premises of their households, I anticipated a significant threat to their education and development. That is why, along with a team, we started this organisation – Aspire2Help – in order to provide support and mentoring services to those who are disadvantaged and are not able to access educational facilities like others. This boils down to inequality and the setting up of my organisation is what fuelled my passion for assessing various forms of inequality around the world and trying to make a difference.

Inequality is something we must address in society – and something I’m incredibly passionate about. To those interested too, I would highly recommend the book, “Why Nations Fail,” by which provides an economic outlook on inequality and how it arises in society with the examination of case studies. It’s a sweeping attempt to explain the gut-wrenching poverty that leaves 1.29 billion people in the developing world struggling to live on less than $1.25 a day. And this served as a torchlight into exploring the plethora of other inequalities in society – and poverty is no different.

Why People against Poverty?

“Together we won’t stand idle where poverty exists”. Plastered across the homepage of, “People against Poverty,” this striking message immediately captivated my attention. Poverty is pervasive across the world with swatches of countries engulfed by this state of being. People against poverty is a respected and great charity which aims to address exactly that. A collective effort to alleviate poverty. As people – with intrinsic human characteristics – it’s our duty to stand together against injustice, come together in times of hardship and work together to address and solve pressing social issues – this is no different. And this is the thrust of People Against Poverty which is why I’m thrilled to represent this esteemed organization as a Youth Ambassador.

Nikash Chekuri – Youth Ambassador

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