In 2007 we began to realise the dream of a local community leader, Costel Deleu.  His ambition was to develop the community and to build an agricultural farm.  His vision was to create employment and feed the village with produce. It met our objectives in helping to break the cycle of poverty and giving hope to a new generation of children. We began with the child sponsorship and feed a child programmes.  This gave an opportunity for the locals to get involved, giving them a sense of worth.

In 2014 People against Poverty was able to purchase a piece of land and together with its partner G4G brought Costel’s dream to life.

The Micro Farm now has animal houses, barns, a large polytunnel, a maize mill, a tractor and machinery. They have been breeding pigs and chickens and the numbers are growing fast. A cow also provides fresh milk for the children. The farm has become very much a part of the rural economy.

This year (2020) we have also completed the build of a three bedroom house on the farm.  Most excitingly, Costel’s family home, also in the village,  provides a day centre and a place where 50 children come to eat regularly from the harvest.

We are looking at investing in more land to develop a number of other self-sustaining farming communities.  All will be focused on placing family at their hub.

Your funding helps us to ensure that Costel and our other family leaders continue to build family communities, living in the dignity of self-sufficiency.