In 2007 we began to realise the dream of a local community leader, Costel Deleu.  His ambition was to develop the community and to build an agricultural farm.  His vision was to create employment and feed the village with produce. It met our objectives in helping to break the cycle of poverty and giving hope to a new generation of children. We began with the child sponsorship and feed a child programmes.  This gave an opportunity for the locals to get involved, giving them a sense of worth.

In 2014 People against Poverty was able to purchase a piece of land and together with its partner G4G brought Costel’s dream to life.

The Micro Farm was developed over the years to benefit the whole community.  Now families are able to provide for their children, jobs have been created and children learn how to work on the farm.

As the animals grow in numbers, more support is needed to feed and help sustain the farm as they progress to becoming self-sustaining.

Your support will enable the children to attend the weekly Feed a Child Programme as well as supporting the purchase of live-stock when needed.